Dr Pakiso Tondi

Director: Division of Student Services and Development Message

The Division of Student Services and Development welcomes you all to Rhodes University. As a university, we pride ourselves in being a place Where Leaders Learn. You have certainly made the right decision by choosing RU to be your university of choice. The fact that you are now at a higher education institution is a great achievement on its own. You may be the first in your family to embark on higher education. Make your transition into the post-school environment an easy one by being a curious, engaging, and active student.

As a Division, we are really looking forward to and ready to partner with you in your academic journey and personal development. We commit to provide you with student services and support with maximum impact and outcomes. Through the following three (3) Sections the Division provides services and support that are meant to ensure your holistic development, growth, and academic success:

  1. Residence Life, Support and Development
  2. Rhodes University Sport
  3. Student Wellness

In both the on-campus and off-campus residences and student housing spaces, through our intentional living and learning communities programmes (LLCs), we provide opportunities for students to learn and grow, discover, and nurture their talents. We invite you to identify any of the communities that are relevant to your studies and talk about your personal interests. I encourage each of you to get involved in some physical exercise or sport this year because “a healthy body means a healthy mind.”

The following are the six (6) Graduate Attributes of Rhodes University that we hope you will attain and embody when you leave with your qualifications and lifelong memories gained: Ethical leader, Digitally competent, Critical and engaged citizen, Life-long learner, Curious and innovative, and Empathetic. To have a clearer understanding of what these attributes mean and how they are intended to shape your character as a RU graduate, I invite you to engage with selected senior students who will be the Champions of the RU Student Graduate Attributes throughout the 2024 academic year.

As a University we are the 2023 Intervarsity champions. As you join us, we are celebrating one hundred and twenty (120) years of existence in 2024. I encourage you to take an active part in the #RU120 celebrations and you will forever be remembered as the first-year class of #RU120.

 You are bound to succeed if you can only adopt the following as your guide: “Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least.” (Goethe). What this means is that as you go on your academic and personal development journey, learn to prioritise, find a healthy balance between work and play, be intentional, be reflective, and choose to surround yourself with and be part of living and learning communities that resonate with who you know yourself to be and that promise to bring out the best in you.

Dr. Pakiso Tondi
Director of Student Services and Development

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