Tree for Life project

As part of its Community Engagement activities, the Dept of Environmental Science Tree for Life Project aims to promote awareness of the need to plant and maintain indigenous trees in and around the Grahamstown area.  Trees play a pivotal role in the health and well-being of local communities as they are sources of food, shade, medicines and scenic beauty, amongst other benefits.

The Dept has so far planted around 40 trees at the Ntsika Secondary School (with the active involvement of pupils and teachers).

This is an ongoing project and the idea is to encourage tree planting  within the township areas of Grahamstown, consequently contributing to the Makana Municipality's greening activities.  Specifically the aim is to:

  • - promote a better understanding of trees, particularly indigenous trees
  • - highlight the important role trees play in sustainable development and the livelihoods of people and their environment
  • - encourage communities to participate in various greening activities within their own surroundings

Source:  Environmental Science Department

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