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The contribution of trees to local livelihoods....


The primary research question is “what are the nature, availability, use and contribution of trees and trees products to household well-being and livelihoods in different urban settings and duration of residency in such settings?” The specific research objectives are to determine (i) The magnitude and nature of the contribution of trees and tree products to local livelihoods and human well-being within different urban settings; (ii) The local perceptions, beliefs, and values regarding trees, trees products and their uses, and how this varies with respect to urban context and residency time;  and (iii) How the formal and informal governance institutions operate and vary in different urban settings to facilitate or limit the real and potential contributions that trees and tree products can make? The project is led by the Dept of Environmental Science at Rhodes, with collaboration from CIFOR regional office in Zambia and Wageningen University (Netherlands).

Time frame: 2012-2014

ContactCharlie Shackleton


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