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Jessica is a Lecturer in Environmental Science. She grew up a farm in a family passionate about conservation and social justice, and as such has always had an interest in understanding landscapes in an integrated way. She recently completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Environmental Learning Research Centre at Rhodes University, where she further developed the research in the nexus of Landscapes-Linkages-Learning which she started in her PhD. Being based in the Faculty of Education for two years allowed Jessica to deepen her work on the social aspects of social-ecological systems research. Jessica completed her PhD in the Department of Environmental Science in 2018. She was supervised by with Georgina Cundill, Sheona Shackleton and Mathieu Rouget and the title of her thesis was ‘Stewardship and collaboration in multifunctional landscapes: a transdisciplinary enquiry’. Before that Jessica worked as a practitioner-researcher in various projects in KwaZulu-Natal in a diversity of applied environmental research settings: catchment management, urban ecosystem management and land use planning.

In 2013 she graduated with an MSc in Zoology from North-West University (Potchefstroom). Her MSc research was an example of applied social-ecological research which sought to address the research-implementation gap by tracking and understanding the implementation of a sustainable pest management system in sugarcane. Jessica has an undergraduate BSc in Botany and Entomology, with Honours in Entomology. She has also learnt many important skills in the ‘University of Life’, having travelled and worked in Europe and in South Korea between her degrees.

Through her work on Landscapes, Linkages, and Learning Jessica has come to appreciate the value of a critical realist philosophy in underpinning and deepening inter- and transdisciplinary social-ecological research. She is curious about how people work together to address complex sustainability challenges in a variety of contexts and configuration: whether they are diverse stakeholders in rural landscapes, researchers working in partnership with policy-makers and practitioners, or researchers working together across disciplinary boundaries. She is interested in human-nature interactions as they play out in stewardship and sustainable livelihoods. She draws on learning theories and realist evaluation approaches to support her research on multistakeholder collaboration for sustainability.

Recent publications:

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