Kathy Cassidy

Principal Technical Officer


Contact Details:

Bangor House, Rm 6 (ground floor)
Phone: +27-046-603-7013
Fax: +27-046-603-7574
: k.cassidy@ru.ac.za


BSc Honours (Rhodes University: 2009).  
BSc Environmental Science (Unisa: 2007)

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Arrangements and support for undergraduate teaching practicals, post-graduate  and staff field trips
  • Participation in and logistical support during field trips
  • Full responsibility for all undergrad and honours exam marks
  • Marking of undergraduate practical reports and demonstrating at practicals
  • Assisting & Co-supervision of students in GIS (ArcMap 10) and the production of GIS maps
  • Updating of the departmental website and production of the quarterly dept newsletter
  • Setting up and maintaining relevant databases

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