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Name: Yamkela Siko

Research project title: Successional trajectories of subtropical forests on abandoned fields on the Wild Coast, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Supervisors: Dr Penny Mograbi and Prof Charlie Shackleton
Contact: yamkelasiko@gmail.com

Name: Anita McPherson

Research project title: The use patterns of informal green spaces by urban residents in Thamazimbi and Potchefstroom, South Africa
Supervisors: Prof Charlie Shackleton, Dr Alta de Vos
Contact: mcpherson.anita2@gmail.com

Name: Kathy Cassidy

Research project title: Testing the criteria for novel ecosystems in the communal rangelands of Machubeni, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Supervisors: Prof James Gambiza, Dr Alta de Vos, Dr Keara Coetzer-Hanack
Email: k.cassidy@ru.ac.za 

Name: Shannon Hardisty

Research project title: Networking for the future: What a marine network means for South Africa's marine protected areas
Supervisors: Dr Alta de Vos, Prof Graeme Cumming
Email: shannon.hardisty@gmail.com

Name: Yondela Norman

Research project title: Modifying planting protocol to improve survivorship of Portulacaria afra
Supervisors: Mike Powell, Prof James Gambiza, Rebecca Powell
Email: g11N1226@campus.ru.ac.za

Name: Shayla Tricam

Research project title: Avian community patterns of urban domestic gardens in small towns of the Eastern Cape, South Africa
Supervisor: Prof Charlie Shackleton
Email: shaylatricam@gmail.com

Name: Glen Vembo

Research Project title: Livelihood implications of a Ramsar declaration in the Swartkops Estuary, Eastern Cape, South Africa.
Supervisors: Dr Gladman Thondhlana, Co-supervisor: Dr Georgina Cundill
Email: g15V0004@campus.ru.ac.za





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