Environmental Science is a four-semester subject which may be taken as a major subject for the degrees of BSc, BEcon, BJourn and BA, subject to the conditions specified below. 
The programme takes a multi-disciplinary approach to sustainable environmental management, and aims to attract students from a variety of academic disciplines. Candidates who wish to major in Environmental Science should, however, structure their degrees around a specific sub-discipline of Environmental Science, for example biological resources, earth resources, water resources, environmental policy, environmental economics, or people and the environment. Their choice of additional subjects at the second and third level should thus reflect a specific focus. 
To major in Environmental Science a candidate is required to obtain credit in the following courses: EAR 101; GOG 102 & one of ANT 1, BOT 1, GLG 1 or ZOO 1; followed by ENV 201 & ENV 202 at 2nd year level and then ENV 301 & ENV 302 at third year level.  An exception is made for law students who, due to a timetable clash between Legal Theory 1 & EAR 101 & GOG 102, are permitted to enter ENV 201 & ENV 202 without having completed EAR 101 & GOG 102.  Such students shall register for EAR 101 & GOG 102 concurrently with ENV 201 & ENV 202.

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