The office of Equity and Institutional Culture was established in May 2011. The mandate of the office includes three broad areas:

Advocacy – promoting a shared appreciation of equality, equity and human rights and of the entailed institutional imperatives and priorities.

Facilitation – enabling various stake holders to contribute towards the realization of strategies that will transform the broad culture of the institution and foster a broad institutional culture whose teaching and learning, research, admission, employment, and other practices are informed by a shared understanding and appreciation of equality, equity and human rights.  This includes conducting analyses of how institutional practices promote or hinder the achievement of transformation related strategies and policies.

Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting – monitoring the implementation of the institutional transformation strategies and policies. This includes identifying structural, systemic and other barriers that undermine the achievement of the goal of transformation. It also includes ensuring that appropriate records and statistics are kept and relevant reports are prepared.

The Equity and Institutional Culture Office’s main objective therefore is to drive the transformation of the institution towards being an institution whose staff and students’ practices are demonstrably informed by a deep appreciation of equality, equity and human rights.

The office operates in liaison with various offices and divisions of the university including the faculty deans, heads of departments, the registrar’s division, CHERTL, the research office, the human resources division, the SRC and the student affairs directorate.

The Equity and Institutional Culture Office sits on various university committees that also drive its mandate. These include the following committees;

  • Equity &Institutional Culture Committee
  • Institutional Forum
  • Institutional Planning Committee
  • Language Committee
  • Gender Action Forum (GENACT)
  • Disability Committee
  • Community Engagement Committee
  • Staffing Committee

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