Mail Room

Q: When is mail taken to the Post Office?
A. Twice daily at 10h30 am and 3:30pm

Q: When does the mail leave the Post Office?
A. Daily at 11am.

Q: Which courier service is used by the Mailroom?
A. TNT is the primary courier service.

Q: When does TNT couriers collect at the Mailroom?
A. Daily at 3:30pm.


Q A regarding Creditors Office

Issuing Orders for the Private Use Of Hired Vehicles

  • Please be advised that no Purchase Orders may be issued for the private use of a hired vehicle, be that Budget, Avis, Europcar etc.
  • When requesting a vehicle from a supplier you may request that the Rhodes University Rates apply to you as a staff member if the company is our current contracted supplier.
  • You must use your own credit card to pay for the use of the vehicle.
  • Rhodes University Insurance does not cover the private use of the vehicle.


Staff Loans

Q. What amount of loan do I qualify for?
A. Payment must be lower than 40% of nett salary and 25% of Gross up to a maximum of:
Personal Loan R13 000.00, Funeral Loan R2 000.00 and Car Loan R125 000.00 -whichever is the lower amount over how many years the loan can be taken.

Q. How old/new can the car be?
A. Not older than 11 years when the loan is paid up.

Q. How long do I have to be at RU before I qualify for a loan?
A. 1 year of service, after which you may loan an amount equal to your monthly salary in the second year, twice your monthly salary in your third year and in the fourth year to a maximum as stated above.

Q. How do I qualify for a loan?
A. No garnishee deductions on salary, net take home must not be less than R1 000.00 after loan deduction and no bad credit history or unpaid accounts.

Insurance and Asset Administration

All queries and questions must be directed to Ms Tessa Steele for Insurances.

Student Fees

Student Fees FAQ


Q: Banking Details for Rhodes University.
A. First National Bank, Grahamstown Branch,
Acc. Nr. 62145504553,Br Code 21 0717,Swift code:FIRNZAJJ

Q: What are the fees for 2018?
A: Use the 2017 fee schedule and add 8% or look at the 2018 Fees Booklet under Fees and Financial Aid

Q: Balances on Student Accounts.
A. Look up on the web under Ross.

Q: When are foreign students full payments due(Adjusted annually)
A. For 2018 the deadline is 31st May 2018.

Q: What is Initial Fee Payment and how much is it.(Adjusted annually)
A. Initial Fee Payment for foreign students, 50% tuition and residence. Initial Fee Payment for South African students only, 2018 : 10% of Tuition Fees and 25% of Residence Fees. "IMPORTANT" In order to register you will be required to complete the RU PAYMENT PLAN AND DECLARATION form should you not be paying the full fees upfront or by debit order and email it to feescomm@ru.ac.za before 26th January 2017. www.ru.ac.za/studentfeesandfinancialaid/ 

Q: When is the deadline for the Registration Fee(Adjusted annually)
A. 19th January 2018

Q: How much is the Initial Fee Payment?
A: South African Students can budget arround R4,800.00 for tuition and R14,800.00 for Residence and Internation Students R23,500 for tuition and R28,000 for Residence.
Further please note:

  • You need to complete the RU Payment Plan and Declaration form and return them to feescomm@ru.ac.za or fax 046 603 7019;
  • Please refer to the various options available.

Q: Information required regarding NSFAS(Undergrad Finaid).
A. Contact Etienne Walters : 046 603 8248 or email:finaid@ru.ac.za

Q: Information required regarding Postgrad funding.
A. Contact John Gillam : 046 603 8179 or email pgfinaid@ru.ac.za

Q: Can we make payment arrangements??
A. Arrangements must be made by e-mailing feescomm@ru.ac.za or by phone (046 603 8743), with a firm proposal, dates and amounts. Please note that the Fees Committee will only reconvene in January 2017.

Q: When will Rhodes University shutdown for the holidays?
A: Rhodes will close on the 15th December 2017 and reopen on 4th January 2018.

Additional information: Please visist the following website.
Undergraduates or www.ru.ac.za/applying/undergraduates
for further fees information consult our Fees Booklet online,
as well as to download debit order and credit card forms


Q: When is pay day?
A: At the end of each year the Human Resources Division set up a list of pay dates and submission dates which is circulated to each department. A copy of the dates are also to be found in the “Comprehensive Guide for Members of Staff” booklet. Hard copies can be obtained, on request, from Human Resources or Salaries.

Q: Why is my money not in my account?
A: It could be that we entered your bank details incorrectly onto the system, you might have given us the incorrect details or that you have changed banks during the month and the previous account is closed. Please consult your bank.

BEFORE coming to the salaries section, bring a printout of your bank account with you.

Q: Why do I have to pay tax and why does it fluctuate?
A: Do not feel persecuted! EVERYONE has to pay tax. The tax threshold for the 2009 tax year is R46 000 so if you earn less than R3 833 per month ON A REGULAR BASIS you will not attract tax. (Please note the difference between NO TAX and NOT ATTRACTING tax)

A: Tax in February often fluctuates as the system is designed to check your earnings against your tax deductions and either collects tax back from you or refunds you tax in this month. In March the tax deduction often goes up especially if you are on Bonus Provision, as this increases every year in March. However, thanks to Trevor Manual, our tax tables are reduced from March but only comes into effect on the payroll in April, backdated to March. May therefore will be the first month that you will be able to see the correct tax to be deducted throughout the year. If you still want to know WHY please attend one of the numerous tax lectures given to staff and students by Prof Matthew Lester.

Q: Why do you deduct UIF?
A: It has become policy that every person who earns a salary has to pay 1% of their salary to UIF. Note the Rhodes University also contributes 1% on your behalf to UIF. The UIF ceiling is R8 099 per month. That means that any salary above R8 099 per month will only have the maximum of R80.99 deducted per month.

Q: What percentage of my salary goes to Pension/Provident Fund and what is the Company Contribution?
A: 7.5% of your salary is what is paid on your behalf to the Pension or Provident Fund and the University contributes 15% making a total contribution of R22.5% to the fund.

Q: What is RU’s contribution to my Medical Aid?
A: Medical Aid contributions are linked to the salary that one earns and the University pays in the equivalent of your contribution. If, therefore, your contribution is R382.50 per month, RU’s contribution if R382.50.

Q: What is METBEN on my payslip stand for?
A: This deduction forms part of your Medical Aid deduction and is a Funeral Policy which, by law, has to be shown as a separate deduction.

Q: Why am I unable to get an employee code the same day that I start work?
A: There are many items that have to be processed on the salaries system before you are actually ‘employed’ at the university.

The salaries section has to have:

  1. A copy of your contract with RU (so we know when you will start, what your conditions of employment are and how much to pay you)
  2. A copy of the Personal Particulars Form (very important) so that we can input your correct name and initials, your address, your ID number and of course, which bank account to put your money into
  3. A copy of your request to be put onto Pension of the Provident Fund.
  4. A copy of your Medical Aid requirements (how many members will be on your medical aid.)
  5. Which Group Life option you have chosen.
General Accounting

Q: Where is my money? My parents paid money into my account but it is not there. I am expecting money from XYZ, is it here yet?
A: Kindly furnish relevant details of the deposit and/or a copy of the deposit slip.Funds will be allocated to the required account once the deposit has been conclusively identified.
Buying Office and Furniute & Equipment Stores

Q: How do I know which buyer to approach?
A. All initial queries are to be directed to the Senior buyer.

Q: What is the ordering procedure?
A. Submit a written request signed by an authorised signatory. (Order request form, letter, e-mail) Verbal or telephonic requests are not permitted.

Q: Has my computer/printer arrived?
A. All computer equipment is delivered to Electronic Services where it is checked. They will contact youwhen complete.

Q: Has my furniture arrived?
A. All office furniture is delivered to the Furniture & Equipment Store from where it is distributed.