Finance Leadership Team

Desiree Philipson
Director: Finance
Tel. 046 603 8123
Desiree leads the Finance Division of the University and is responsible for the management of the University's finances. This includes advising on financial policy, supervision of financial administration, reporting and budget formulation.
Sonia Kivitts
Assistant to the Director
Tel. 046 603 8123
Sonia assists the Director in day-to-day activitities, and provides administrative support to the leadership team.

Geoff Erasmus
Deputy Director: Finance
Tel. 046 603 7541
Geoff supports the Director in the management of the Finance Division, contributes to strategic initiatives and decision-making, and the leads the Management Accounting function.

Mike Olivier
Financial Accountant
Tel. 046 603 8164
Mike leads the Financial Accounting function and is responsible for the Annual Financial Statements, investments, cashflow management and insurance.

Raymond Harris
Senior Manager: Finance Operations
Tel. 046 603 8834
Raymond leads Finance Operations and is responsible for Student Fees, Creditors, Payroll and Data Control.

Faisal Ackerdien
Senior Manager: Research Finance
Tel. 046 603 8162
Faisal leads the Research Finance section is responsible for the financial administration of research contracts, internally and externally funded, and support to institutes and units.


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