Salary Dates

Time Sheet Submission deadlines for All


(Please ensure input is submitted

before or on the due date,

documents received after the due date

will be processed in the following month.

No exceptions will be allowed.)

Dates on which Salaries

will be paid

January Fri 5th Fri 19th
February Tues 6th Fri 23rd
March Wed 7th Fri 23rd
April Fri 6th Wed 25th
May Mon 7th Fri 25th
June Thu 7th Mon 25th
July Fri 6th Wed 25th
August Mon 6th Fri 24th
September Thurs 6th Tues 25th
October Fri 5th Thurs 25th
November Tues 6th Fri 23rd
December Mon 3rd Fri 14th
2019 January Thurs 3rd Fri 18th

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