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Steffen Büttner

Associate Professor
Structural Geology and Plate Tectonics

PhD: University of Frankfurt (Germany)
MSc: TU Darmstadt (Germany)
PGDipHE: Rhodes University

t: +27 (0) 46 603 8775
e: s.buettner(at)ru.ac.za



  • The tectono-metamorphic evolution of the Namaqua Metamorphic Province
  • Pegmatitic gem deposits in Malawi (in collaboration with CIMERA)
  • Hydrothermal gold mineralizations in the Twangiza-Namoya Gold Belt (South Kivu, DRC; in collaboration with Banro Corporation and CIMERA).
  • Evolution of kimberlitic megacryst-hosted melt inclusions (in collaboration with CIMERA and Geoff Howarth, Athens, Georgia)



  • Structural Geology and Plate Tectonics (GLG102, GLG202, GLG301)
  • Science Extended Studies Program: Introductory Geology
  • Honours Field School


  1. SA Prevec, SH Büttner (2018) Multi-phase emplacement of impact melt sheet into the footwall: offset dykes of the Sudbury Igneous Complex, Canada. Accepted for publication. Meteoritics and Planetary Science.
  2. Bial, J, Büttner, SH, Appel, P (2016) Timing and conditions of regional metamorphism and crustal shearing in the granulite facies basement of south Namibia: Implications for the crustal evolution of the Namaqualand metamorphic basement in the Mesoproterozoic. Journal of African Earth Sciences, 123, 145-176.
  3. Büttner, SH, Reid, WK, Glodny, J, Wiedenbeck, M, Chuwa, G, Moloto, T, Gucsik, A (2016) Fluid sources in the Twangiza-Namoya Gold Belt (Democratic Republic of Congo): Evidence from tourmaline and fluid compositions, and from boron and Rb-Sr isotope systematics. Precambrian Research, 280, 161-178. 
  4. Büttner, SH, Reid, WK, Erasmus, R (2016) Late Permian tectonics and associated fluid influx during the Cape Orogeny: evidence from fault-bound quartz veins in the Witteberg Group (Cape Supergroup, South Africa). South African Journal of Geology, 119 (2), 379-398.
  5. Bial, J, Büttner, SH, Schenk, V, Appel, P (2015) The long-term high-temperature history of the central Namaqua Metamorphic Complex: Evidence for a Mesoproterozoic continental back-arc in southern Africa. Precambrian Research, 268, 243-278
  6. Büttner, SH (2015) Comment: “One kilometre-thick ultramylonite, Sierra de Quilmes, Sierras Pampeanas, NW Argentina” by M.A. Finch, R.F. Weinberg, M.G. Fuentes, P. Haslova, and R. Becchio, Journal of Structural Geology 72 (2015) 33-54. Journal of Structural Geology 76, 80-83.
  7. Bial, J, Büttner, SH, Frei, D (2015) Formation and emplacement of two contrasting late-Mesoproterozoic magma types in the central Namaqua Metamorphic Complex (South Africa, Namibia): Evidence from geochemistry and geochronology. Lithos 224/225, 272-294.
  8. Büttner, SH, Sherlock, S, Fryer, L, Lodge, J, Diale, T, Kazondunge, R, Macey, P (2013) Controls of host rock mineralogy and H2O content on the nature of pseudotachylyte melts: evidence from Pan-African faulting in the foreland of the Gariep Belt, South Africa. Tectonophysics, 608, 552-575.
  9. Büttner, SH (2012) Rock Maker: an MS Excel spreadsheet for the calculation of rock compositions from proportional whole rock analyses, mineral compositions, and modal abundance. Mineralogy and Petrology; 104, 129-135.



  1. Aiden van Huyssteen (MSc 2018-2019) Genesis of kimberlitic melt (co-supervision with Geoffrey Howarth, University of Georgia, USA).
  2. Charles Kankuzi (PhD 2014-2018) Gemstone bearing pegmatites of Malawi: age, composition and fluid characteristics (co-supervision with Yong Yao).
  3. Thapelo Moloto (MSc 2016-2017; completed) Composition and sulphur isotopic signature of sulphide minerals in the Twangiza-Namoya Gold Belt (South Kivu, DRC): Sulphur provenance and its relationship to gold provenance.
  4. Emmanuel Busane Aganze (MSc in Exploration Geol. 2016-2018) Sulphide textures and compositions associated with the hydrothermal/magmatic system of the Twangiza gold deposit (South Kivu, DRC).
  5. Mwango Chilekwa (MSc in Exploration Geol. 2016-2018) Petrography and P-T estimations of metamorphic rocks from the western Copperbelt (Zambia).
  6. Wesson Reid (MSc 2014-2016, 2018) Fluid characteristics in hydrothermal veins of the Twangiza-Namoya Gold Belt (South Kivu, DRC). 
  7. Graeme Schmeldt (MSc 2017-2018) Genetic relationships between migmatites and the Swartoup Granite in the Swartoup Hills (central Namaqua Belt) (co-supervision with Steve Prevec).
  8. Jenna Knox (MSc 2016-2017; completed) Weathering and leaching of cations from diorites, Antarctica (co-supervision with Ian Meiklejohn).
  9. & 10. Kirsty Gibson & Peter Cloete (Honours 2018) Field mapping and structural analysis of the Oup shear zone in the Kakamas Domain, central Namaqua Belt.

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