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Thin Section and Sample Preparation Laboratory

The Department has a fully operational thin section laboratory for the production of high quality thin sections, polished thin sections, and grain mounts for petrographic and analytical applications. Our lab has some capacity to take on external preparation work. However, our own needs will be given priority.

Thin section storage containers are available for R46.

For more information on availability and turn-over times please contact Ms Andrea King (a.king(at)ru.ac.za).

Submissions of sample material for preparation must be accompanied by a completed Thin Section Requisition Form. Please be aware of the procedures in place that will provide you with good quality thin section material for your research.


Rock crushing laboratory

The rock crushing lab includes a splitter, a "chipmunk crusher", several ring & puck shatterboxes, and silica mortars & pestles, for clean, homogeneous sample preparation.

Prices for sample preparation:

Please contact the lab manager Ms Andrea King.

Phone: 046 603 8314

E-mail: a.king(at)ru.ac.za



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