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Johanna Mbatha

It was always my aspiration to go to the University when I completed and passed the Joint Matriculation Board Examination in 1969. Being the eldest of 11 children, unfortunately my parents could not afford University Fees.  I however went to train as a nurse which was my second option.  I enjoyed this noble career and never regretted to be part of the noble profession.

However the void of attending a University was still not fulfilled.  When my daughter was accepted to do her studies at Rhodes I was very excited. I accompanied her to Rhodes in 2001 to start her first year.

When we reached Rhodes and walked into the foyer at the reception I had mixed emotions. I thought to myself if I was not a sole breadwinner I would apply to any University to study in order to fulfil my dreams.

When I was requested to donate I did not think twice about it. I knew that my donation will make a different to a young person who is in a similar position as I was.

Even if I am going on retirement I will continue donating to Rhodes University until I die.  I am looking forward to seeing one of my grandchildren attending Rhodes University in the near future.


Mrs. Johanna Mbatha.

Source:  Alumni Relations

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