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Guy Butler House

Guy Butler House was the first of the new residences to be completed. It houses 50 male students. In its short history it has developed a reputation for achieving sound academic results whilst also participating with spirit in the Inter Res sporting competition. The House has also hosted some great social events. Here some of the guys are relaxing in one of the TV Common Rooms........

"Butler Guys Relaxing"

Guy Butler studied at Rhodes University and Oxford University, and after teaching for a short while at Wits University, became Head of the English Department at Rhodes. He was the prime mover behind the establishment of the Speech & Drama Department and the Department of Journalism at Rhodes University. He was also the driving force which established the Settlers Monument and the National Festival of the Arts in Grahamstown. Some quotable quotes from Guy's writings:

"I would rather that my descendants were coffee-coloured and civilised than white and barbaric" (1956)

"The English are being Afrikanerised, the Afrikaners Anglicised, and the whole lot Africanised" (GB on this century)

"I have lived my life on the marches of a great empire in its decline and spent it on a continent in the century of its awakening"

"The Universe is an incredibly marvellous set of question marks"

"It is only having an acute awareness of death that can allow us to see how marvellous life is"

"I have lived a good life in a lovable world among remarkable people"

It is this great pioneering and creative human spirit that we celebrate in naming this residence after Guy Butler. We also celebrate Guy's life as a true South African, and we strive to foster his quest for the establishment of a truly South African culture and ethos.

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