Free Services for all students and staff members post level 1-5

  • Treatment of minor ailments such as flu, tonsillitis, etc.
  • Long-term treatment of chronic illnesses, such as hypertension and diabetes
  • In-patient care for acute illnesses, infectious diseases eg. measles, mumps
  • Management and care of patients with infectious diseases
  • Post-operative care
  • Emergency assessment and crisis management (e.g rape; PEP)
  • Voluntary HIV testing, including pre- and post- test counselling FOR ALL STAFF;  Pre-ART and ART including opportunistic infections eg. TB
  • Screening tests e.g blood pressure, cholestrol
  • Family planning advise / pregnancy tests
  • TB, STI management

Information services

  • Health education: individually or in groups
  • Awareness campaigns e.g breast cancer, drug abuse, etc.
  • Free literature on health issues


Sessional Dr availalbe every week day morning.  Please phone or e-mail to make an appointment

Flu vaccines at cost price

Cervical cancer screening at Lab price

Breast examinations

Vitamin injections at cost price

Tetanus vaccines at cost price

Drug screening at cost price

BMI assessment

Crutches availalbe on request

Referral service

Staff at the Health Care Centre can make referrals to a range of other medical services in town, including private doctors and dentists, the Counselling Centre, the psychiatric clinic, the hospital, social workers, private counsellors and TOP services.

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