The Employment of Internationals (non-SA citizens)

The employment of Internationals (non-SA citizens) falls under particular legislative requirements. Failure to meet these requirements not only puts the institution at risk, but also may result in the individual being exported.  In the case of students, this may result in the revoking of a study permit.

Heads of Departments and Divisions are required to be very vigilant as regards the legal requirements for the employment of internationals.  Please note two overarching guidelines:

(a)    In every instance where an international, who is not a permanent residence holder, commences ANY employment in South Africa (whether remunerated, paid in kind or not remunerated) a valid temporary residence permit with permission to take up employment is required. 

(b)   International students are permitted to work in the country while on a study permit, subject to certain terms, conditions and restrictions.

Please note the following areas may be able to assist you:

  1. The International Office:
  2. The Human Resources Division on employment matters

Please refer to the following pages for more information:

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