A suspension is a process where an employer will instruct a staff member to not come to work for a certain period of time. The employment relationship is not terminated.

There are two kinds of suspension:

  1. Punitive suspension: this is when a disciplinary hearing has been held, the staff member has been found guilty and the penalty is suspension from work with no pay for a certain period;
  2. Preventative suspension: this is when the disciplinary hearing is still to take place but the staff member needs to be removed from the workplace as s/he is a threat to the disciplinary process, to University property and/or to others and therefore needs to remain off campus.

HoDs/managers only need to concern themselves with the ‘ins and outs” of the preventative suspension process.

Checklist for Managers when Suspending Staff Members (Precautionery Suspension)

Protocol governing this procedure: Suspension Procedure

To assist the HoD/manager there are two templates:

  1. Notice to attend suspension hearing
  2. Letter to staff member indicating suspension

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