Development of Heads of Departments

The HoD has a range of roles and responsibilities including being an academic leader; people manager; advocate; change agent; resource and administrator. It is appreciated that the role of HoD is becoming more complex in an environment of increasing governance demands (external and internal); threats of managerialism; changing staff needs and demands; increasing student diversity with all the challenges and opportunities that this presents; and heightened scarcity of resources, to name a few.

The following support exists to assist HoDs, in particular new HoDs:

  1. Support from the Dean
  2. Appointment of a HoD mentor at the new HoDs request
  3. HoD Guide, click here:
  4. HoD orientation (this will be operational in 2014)
  5. Management leadership training. This is not specifically aimed at academic HoDs. More information can be found at:

More detail is provided in the Protocol for the Support, Development and Review of HoDs

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