Saying "no" to training

There are circumstances where it is appropriate for a manager to say “no” if a staff member wishes to participate in training. These are:

  • When the person’s current performance is poor or inconsistent. In this case, appropriate feedback must be given.
  • When the person is having disciplinary problems e.g. absenteeism, lateness, insubordination.
  • When the operational needs of the department may be compromised due to staffing problems or specific operational difficulties.

It is not acceptable however that the ongoing operational needs of the department are cited as a reason for not allowing staff to train. Where ongoing operational difficulties are experienced making it difficult for staff to engage in development activities, the manager is asked to discuss this with the HR Division.
When priority needs to be given to other staff’s development and too many staff being off the job is going to create operational difficulties.

Please consult the HR Generalist in your work area if you need further guidance on making this decision.

Last Modified: Tue, 25 Sep 2012 10:55:26 SAST