Private Work

While a staff member’s involvement in private work can have a number of benefits for the individual, department and institution, private work does have the potential to impact negatively on one or all three of these parties. The Manager and Head of Division are key in navigating this domain.

The Mangaer and/or Head of Division are responsible for:

  • Ensuring that staff are aware of the protocol governing private work, Protocol Governing Private Work
  • Ensuring that staff members engaging in private work are getting permission to do so. This is a condition of service of all staff
  • Considering applications for private work and bearing in mind the impact on the department of the staff member’s involvement in such private work
  • Ensure that if the private work is considerable, that annual leave is taken
  • Dealing with any problems that may occur as a result of private work

If the Manager/ Head of Division needs assistance in navigating problems in this area, they are invited to consult their HR Generalist: 

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