Employment Equity and Institutional Culture Committee

In terms of the Employment Equity Act, designated employers (as is Rhodes University), are required by law, to have a representative committee dealing with issues of employment equity. At Rhodes University, this Committee is called the Employment Equity and Institutional Culture Committee (EE & IC) Committee. This committee is a sub-committee of the institution's overarching Equity Committee, the latter which also deals with student and institutional culture issues.

Role of the EE & IC Committee

The University consults the committee on the following areas:

  • Conducting analysis on its policies, procedures, work environment, practices in order to indentify employment barriers to the employment, advancement and retention of members of designated groups;
  • Developing and implementing the institutional employment equity plan and monitoring progress of such implementation; and
  • Developing and submitting the annual report, as required by law.

Employment Equity and Institutional Culture Committee members

The law requires that all members of designated groups are represented on the Committee.

Dr S Mabizela Chair Acting Vice-Chancellor
Professor C Boughey  Acting DVC A&SA                            
Ms NP Nhlapo Director: Equity & Institutional Culture
Dr I L’Ange Executive Director: IOF
Professor T Martin Acting Dean of Humanities
Professor R Bernard Dean of Science
Professor D Sewry Dean of Commerce
Professor D Wilmot Dean of Education
Dr R Krüger Dean of Law
Professor RB Walker Dean of Pharmacy
Ms S Smailes Director: Special Projects
Ms S Fischer Director: HR
Mr R van Rooyen NTEU    
t.b.a NTEU  
Mr P Ngxitho NEHAWU 
Dr D Seddon  Gender Action Forum Rep
Professor R Kaschula Chair: Language Committee
Mr B Bense SRC President
Mr L Zungu SRC Transformation & Activism
Ms B Magoqwana VC Appointed
Ms V Jagarnath VC Appointed
VC Appointed TBA
Ms M Schoeman Council
DVC: R&D If required
By invitation:  
Mr S Mtshali Project Officer

Committee meetings

Since the Employment Equity and Institutional Culture Committee is an official University committee, its meeting dates are captured in the University calendar. Kindly refer to the University calendar for dates here: http://www.ru.ac.za/rhodes/diaryanddates/ 

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