Gender Issues

Rhodes University does not have a formal gender policy. There are however a range of other policies and programmes that talk to various gender issues.

They are:

  1. Policy for Parental Leave and Benefits and related programme. See:
  2. Child Care Support Provision for University Events. See:
  3. Placement of partners in employment. See:
  4. Gender considerations in the research environment.
    Gender Considerations in Research Environment
  5. Diversity considerations in the personal promotion procedures. See page 9 of the policy document at:
  6. Support for those discriminated against because of their gender. See:

In addition, the Gender Action Forum (GENACT) is a Senate Committee tasked with promoting gender awareness and gender equity (which includes Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) issues) within the context of the University's Equity Policy and transformation initiatives. The secretariat of the University can be contacted to establish who is the current Chairperson of this Committee. Details of who to contact are available at: The Standing Orders for GENACT: Standing Orders for GENACT

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