What are my options?

Your reporting officer will outline the following options to you:

  1. Consultation: this means that you only wish to report the complaint and don’t want to take further action.
  2. Indirect communication: this means that the institutional representative (called the Co-ordinating Officer) will approach the alleged transgressor and advise him/her that there has been a complaint. You don’t have to meet the alleged transgressor but s/he will know that the complaint comes from you.
  3. Direct communication: this means that the institutional representative, you and the alleged transgressor meet and the complaint is communicated. The transgressor does not need to respond.
  4. Mediation: this means that a 3rd party mediator is identified to work through the issues with the two parties concerned. The alleged transgressor needs to agree to the mediation. The University has a group of trained mediators: List of Trained Mediators
  5. Formal complaint: this means that you want the University to explore whether or not disciplinary action can be taken.  The University will proceed with such action where there is sufficient evidence to do so. For students, the student disciplinary process is followed. For staff, the staff disciplinary process is followed. 

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