What do I do?

If you have been physically or sexually assaulted or harmed, it is important that evidence is taken. This needs to follow a particular procedure. Even if you don’t believe that you will take any action, collect this evidence.

If you are a student, contact the Health Care Centre or Counselling Centre staff urgently.

The after-hours crisis line is: 082 803 0177

The working hours number is: 046 603 7070

If you are a staff member, the after-hours crisis line can be used. During work hours, you can refer to the Health Care Centre.

If you have a complaint of harassment and/or unfair discrimination, reporting officers are available to listen to you. This is what you must do:

  • Look at the list of reporting officers below
  • Identify a person that you would like to approach
  • Contact that person via telephone or e-mail
  • A meeting will then be set up to meet with you.

Last Modified: Sun, 12 Feb 2012 14:43:33 SAST