The objective of Rhodes University’s staff wellness programme is to establish and maintain a healthy staff member cohort by:

•          Create an awareness and knowledge base of common health care issues;

•          Encouraging healthier lifestyle behaviors;

•          Integrating worker wellness and prevention into medical plans;

•          Reducing absenteeism and increase productivity

To achieve the wellness objective the following goals are identified:

Goal 1: Planning, implementing, directing and maintaining Rhodes University staff member’s health and wellness initiatives, using preventative means that provide measurable results and providing recommendations regarding health and wellness related initiatives.

Goal 2: The establishing of mechanisms to monitor programmes and to determine the change-effect of interventions. This will include the maintenance and analyses of statistical information to provide further direction in achieving goal 1.

Goal 3: Due to the broad influence of staff development activities, stakeholder input on all wellness programmes needs to be maintained.

Staff wellness are responsible for liaising with the various stakeholders to assist staff members

Some of the internal stakeholders are the following:

  1. Counselling Centre
  2. Health Care Centre
  3. Psychology Clinic
  4. Rhodes law clinic
  5. Peers Educators

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