Dealing with Conflict

Conflict is a natural part of any relationship, including working relationships. If appropriately dealt with, conflict can clarify expectations and lead to a more satisfying relationship. In contrast, conflict ill-managed or not dealt with can undermine, if not destroy, a relationship.

Staff are encouraged to resolve conflict informally amongst themselves. Should this however not be feasible, mediation should be considered as an option. A group of mediators have been trained and one of the following can be contacted to assist: List of Trained Mediators

Depending on the severity of the complaint or where attempts to resolve the conflict have been unsuccessful, the individual may wish to involve their line manager or Head of Department. The HoD may in turn want to involve their Line Manager.

Should a staff member wish to play a formal grievance, the institution's formal grievance procedure will be utilised. A grievance may be defined as any dissatisfaction or concern on the part of a member of staff or group of staff members arising out of a work situation. The grievance procedure below has been negotiated with both unions. Staff requiring asistance should contact the HR Generalist for their area.

Grievance Procedure for All Staff
Grievance Form

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