Advocacy Officer: HIV/AIDS

Advocacy Officer: HIV/AIDS for staff and students is Thandi Mzizi who can be contacted at 046 603 8523 or email:

Guiding Policies

The management of HIV/AIDS is in line with legislative requirements in this regard. As such unfair discrimination against those with HIV/AIDS will not be tolerated. The Ill Health and Occupational Health Policy provides HoDs with guidance as regards managing situations where staff are ill and unable to continue with their usual responsibilities.

 Ill Health Policy

Management of HIV/AIDS in the Workplace

The Peer Supporters are a group of volunteer staff members who are committed to promote a wellness ethos among Rhodes staff members and the community in general. More specifically they are dedicated to a peer-support programme that empowers individuals to provide access to information, including education about HIV and AIDS in general, information about systems and policies at Rhodes related to HIV/AIDS and information about resources in Grahamstown.

  Ill Health Policy

HIV and AIDS Policy

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