Employing your Partner

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At Rhodes University, we recognise that when you decide to accept an offer of employment from the institution and relocate to Grahamstown, that this may impact your life in many ways. Importantly, if you are in a long-term relationship or married, it is likely that your partner’s career will also affected and that s/he may also be seeking work in Grahamstown.

The University will seek to assist your partner in finding a job at Rhodes University as follows:

  • Short-term, temporary placements against vacancies
  • Short-term, temporary placements against annual budgets such as academic leave, temporary teaching, and temporary assistance
  • Longer-term, fixed term contract placements against vacant posts or externally raised funds
  • Longer-term, permanent placements against vacancies.

To facilitate this process, you and your partner are asked to place complete the application form below:
Application for Placement on the Partner Employment Placement Programme (PEPP)

Please send this to the HR Generalist responsible for your own employment. Feel free to discuss, with your HR Generalist, exactly what opportunities may be available for your partner so that you are able to make an informed choice as regards moving to Grahamstown.

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