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Probation for different categories of support staff varies. The probationary period is outlined in the contract of employment that is provided to each staff member at the time of employment.
Support Staff grade 6 and above:
Staff are required to serve a probationary period before their appointment at the University is confirmed. The duration of this period is linked to the level of appointment as follows: 

  • Grades 6 – 9(old grade 8): 1 year probation, with an interim report required after 6 months.
  • Grades 10 and above: 2 year probation with an interim report required at 12 months.

Assessment of performance during the probationary period must be based on Key Performance Areas and standards identified in the job profile. The probation report must be discussed with the staff member and a copy made available to him/her. In instances where the member of staff is meeting some but not all of the requirements, an extension of the probation period may be granted if the Manager or HOD is of the opinion that the staff member, given reasonable additional time and support, should be in a position to meet the required standards of performance.

Support Staff grades 1 to 5:

There is a probation period of 6 months applicable to all staff appointments at this level. Whilst no monitoring system is currently in place and staff are assumed to have been permanently appointed at the end of the 6 month initial period, Managers and HODs should inform Human Resources within the 6 months if a staff member is not suitable for appointment. In this case, a report detailing reasons for indicating the staff member’s lack of suitability, needs to be submitted to your HR Generalist.

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