Postgraduate Increase

Postgraduate Increase
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Since 2011, Rhodes have made a commitment as part of its enrolment and academic planning, and overall institutional planning, to increase in coming years the number of post graduates, their proportion in relative to our students body and their research outputs.

Our dual stratergy of supporting both post graduate students and academic staff is supported by Sandisa Imbewu Fund – a fund developed to provide post-graduate bursaries and support academics research imperatives. We believe this strategy will bring us closer to our trajectory of becoming more postgraduate over time and research-intensive university.

To achieve this, we aim to:

  • Increase the postgraduate proportion of the student body to 30% while also ensuring the diversity of the postgraduate population
  • Raise the total the total research output for the institution by encouraging and supporting all academic staff members to produce at least one accredited output per year
  • Significantly increase the percentage of academics with doctoral level qualifications to at least 75%
  • Grow Number of research focus areas

GOAL: Raise R150 million for Rhodes University’s postgraduate trajectory


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