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Driven by its goal of “creating a living and learning student support system and an environment which is inclusive and is conducive to a healthy life-style, personal growth, development and academic success for our students”, Rhodes University has always prided itself on offering its first year students the opportunity to live in one of the University’s residences, and to experience the joys (and sometimes the pitfalls) of communal living as they adjust to being independent and away from their families. For many students, this is the first time they have lived away from home, and the rush of freedom can be exhilarating! Living in Res for a year or two allows young people to experience these freedoms but still to have the security of a home base with cooked meals and access to academic support.

However, as a 111 year old university our infrastructure, especially residences is in dire need for maintenance and in November 2013 the University contracted CSIR to conduct an Infrastructure Condition Assessment which revealed that the University will need over R2 Billion to catch up with the maintenance backlog that the university is faced with so far.

Through this campaign we hope to use the centenary campaigns of each house/hall to launch an appeal to its former students and companies. If all goes according to plan we will maintain just over 20 residences and 3 halls in 10 years.

GOAL: Raise R400 million to maintain Residences and Dining Halls


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