Campus Update

The academic programme resumed with lectures and tutorials at 10:30 today, following engagement with staff this morning, 28 September 2016. Protesting students disrupted lectures and some arrests were made. Following this, a group of protesting students began marching up Somerset Street into oncoming traffic. Police used stun grenades to disperse students. This was followed by students throwing stones at the police officers and police shooting rubber bullets at students. Eleven students have been arrested. Four students were injured and are being treated in hospital. The Director of Student Affairs was in attendance at the police station and at Settler’s Hospital. We are disturbed by the video footage that we have seen and we will engage the SAPS around their handling of the situation.

The Counselling Centre is available for all students who have been traumatised by the events of today. The after-hours crisis line number is 082 803 0177. The Human Resources Division is arranging additional counselling services for members of staff who might need it.

While the academic programme continues, the Leadership of the University remains deeply committed to engagements with all University constituencies who are committed to the cause of ensuring that every academically deserving student is afforded a fair opportunity to access quality higher education.


Issued by the Communications and Advancement Division

Source:  Communications

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