My Body My Choice 2017: Intimacy As Emancipation

My Body My Choice 2017: Intimacy As Emancipation
My Body My Choice 2017: Intimacy As Emancipation

The phrase ‘My Body My Choice’ has been used in various contexts—all of them activist. Since its conception at Rhodes in 2009, ‘My Body My Choice’ has focused its message on the objectification of women’s bodies as well as on sexual and gender-based violence, believing that we cannot properly address violence against women without also addressing the objectification of women’s bodies. Women’s bodies are a site of constant struggle, and the objectification of women’s bodies results not only in danger from without—in the form of both sexual and gender-based violence—but also in danger from within—in the form of alienation. ‘My Body My Choice’ challenges patriarchal ideology and creates a space within which we can experience our bodies as whole, beautiful and, above all, our own. The space is also one in which solidarity can be fostered, where ordinary people can come together, support each other and listen to each other’s stories.

While the exhibition has focused on women’s bodies in past years, this year’s ‘My Body My Choice’ is open to both men and women who wish to participate and invites a celebration of the body as a site of courage, beauty, strength, autonomy, love and resistance. 

The event is one of a number of activities hosted by GENACT this year that aim to build awareness on campus about the harmful effects of socially constructed gender-based norms in our society.

My Body, My Choice is a project that attempts to reclaim marginalized bodies, bodies marked for violence and by violence. This year the photoshoot has been titled "Intimacy as Emancipation" and sought to explore the participants experience of intimacy as well as foster further intimacy. Though the focus was upon queer bodies, a wide range of bodies took part to create a diverse sample of experiences. We hope that you can join us as we both witness and celebrate our bodies and what they represent.

The exhibition takes place on Friday 20 October at the Long Table ( Opposite Steers) from 18:00

Food and drink will be served.

Note: mild nudity will be exhibited

Source:  GENACT

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