Rhodes research outputs up 15.6%

Rhodes University Research Report 2017
Rhodes University Research Report 2017

The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) recently confirmed that Rhodes University’s research outputs are up by 15.6%.

This announcement comes soon after the publication of Rhodes University’s 2017 Research Report.

“In terms of absolute contribution of research outputs, our capacity is modest in relation to big urban research-orientated institutions. But in terms of measures which are normalised to our size, we are outstanding,” said Dr Peter Clayton, Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Research & Development, in the report.

The per capita accredited research output benchmark that the DHET releases annually is a rough measure of value for money - research output of an institution in relation to the Council’s academic staff cost. Rhodes University has in past years been consistently amongst the top achievers in the sector by this measure, where we have tied in the first position alongside the University of Stellenbosch.

“This is something that we as a community of scholars can be proud of. The rate of increase in this measure has been consistent at Rhodes University, and it says much about the creativity, dedication and rigour of our researchers and postgraduate supervisors,” Dr Clayton expressed.


Highlights of the 2017 Research Report includes:

  • A record-number (44) of Science PhD graduates
  • The Vice-Chancellor’s Distinguished Research Award (in the age group 40 and below) for 2017 had two recipients, Dr Sally Matthews of the Department of Political and International Studies, and Associate Professor Ferdi Botha of the Department of Economics and Economic History.
  • The Vice-Chancellor’s Distinguished Senior Research Award for 2017 went to SARChI Chair Professor Russell Kaschula of the African Language Studies Section in the School of Languages and Literatures,
  • The Vice-Chancellor’s Book Award went to Professor Gary Baines of the Department of History for his book entitled South Africa’s ‘Border War’: Contested Narratives and Conflicting Memories.


The Rhodes University Research Report 2017 is a publication of the Rhodes University Research Office, compiled and edited by Tarryn Gillitt, Jill Macgregor, Thumeka Mantolo and Jaine Roberts.

If you want to download the report directly, please click here.