The Legal Aid Clinic is only one of many stakeholders in the Advice Office support network. Advice Offices are encouraged to build relationships with other of the organisations in the network.

These include (but are not limited to):

  • Legal Aid South Africa
  • Black Sash
  • The Eastern Cape NGO Coalition (ECNGOC)
  • National Alliance for the Development of Community Advice Offices (NADCAO)
  • Karoo Centre for Human Rights

Chapter 9 Institutions such as the Human Rights Commission, the Commission for Gender Equality and the Independant Complaints Directorate have expressed great interest in assisting advice offices. Although these institutions may not be able to assist financially they are available for guidance and advice, and even community awareness workshops or materials, depending on their focus, budget and planning. They invite advice offices to contact them.

The Clinic produces pamphlets and training material.

The training material is generally available on request from advice office where a co-operation agreement is in place. 

However informational pamphlets are available on line for downloading and printing by the advice offices to hand out to their clients. Please refer to the general resource section.

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