Capacity Building and Scholarly Impact

This project will position Rhodes at the forefront of research in this area by leading an international network and through seeking to publish in top management journals in an area that is both topical, has implications for Africa’s future development and implications for geopolitical relations on the global stage.

Commitment has been gained from a team of researchers in the Department of Management at Rhodes University that has the potential to substantially develop their research capacity, together with the supervision of Doctoral and Masters associates.

The project is aligned with the strategic focus of Rhodes University to develop postgraduate studies, grow the number of postgraduates, and to build research capacity in the Department of Management.

Research outcomes are aimed at publishing in scholarly journals in the United Kingdom, the United States and Europe (e.g. Journal of Management Studies, Journal of World Business, Journal of African Affairs), as well as South African Journals. They will also be shared in policy and practitioner oriented journals, conference papers and case studies will be disseminated online through relevant institutional websites. A special issue of International Journal of Cross Cultural Management (London: Sage) will be co-edited by project leaders Jackson, Louw and Zhao.

It is envisaged that at least four Masters and four PhD associates would graduate as a result of this project, and contribute to research capacity building within the Department of Management. It is anticipated the project will provide a sound basis and the scholarly expertise for the formation of a research focus area. A further benefit for the Department of Management would be the mentoring and research capacity building of supervisors. In this regard Prof Jackson, a visiting professor to the Department of Management, is willing to assist in the role of being a supervisor/co-supervisor.

Opportunities for keynote addresses and guest lectures will inevitably emanate from this project, thereby facilitating the Department of Management’s goal to set the trend in this research area.

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