Project Leaders

The network collaboration is built around three main partners, Professors Louw, Jackson and Zhao, with access to wider institutional, community and individual networks in the United Kingdom and Europe, sub-Saharan Africa, China and large Chinese corporations operating in Africa.

Professor Lynette Louw

Professor Louw is appointed in the Raymond Ackerman Chair of Management in the Department of Management at Rhodes University, South Africa. She will provide specialised expertise in strategic management and leadership in Africa.

With extensive networks throughout sub-Saharan Africa through her prior vice-presidency of NEPAD Council and links with executives of Industrial Development Zones in South Africa, and her board membership of a major public utility, she will provide access to policy makers within Africa as partners in the research.

She draws on expertise within her department and faculty, which focuses on management and business in sub-Saharan Africa, with research contacts including in Nigeria, Kenya, Cameroon, and Botswana. A preliminary analysis of Chinese organisations operating in Africa has been undertaken. She has successfully supervised 53 postgraduates with 33 refereed publications and delivered 67 conference papers.

Professor Terence Jackson

Professor Jackson is Professor of Cross-Cultural Management, Middlesex University, United Kingdom. He has extensive research experience in Africa gained over 16 years. He will contribute expertise in international human resource management, work psychology, corporate governance and CSR, and provide access to UK and Africa-based policy makers. He and colleagues have undertaken studies in countries including Botswana, Zambia, Nigeria, Cameroon, Kenya and Tanzania where they have extensive research contacts.

He holds a visiting professorship in the Department of Management, Rhodes University, South Africa, combining expertise in this area with his knowledge of organisational and management studies.

Professor Shuming Zhao

Professor Zhao is Honorary Dean of the School of Business, Nanjing University, China. He works closely with governmental and commercial organisations operating in Africa. He will provide access to Chinese executives in China and Africa as partners in the research. His expertise is in human resource management (HRM) and multinational corporation management, with extensive experience in China and internationally, including research on the management of HRM in the globalisation of Chinese enterprises through support from the Chinese National Natural Science Foundation. He has access to a wide range of expertise within his Business School, among colleagues committed to international research and collaboration. He has received 40 research awards, participated in 31 research projects, many led by him, published 20 books and 357 papers (including articles).

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