Research Aims and Outcomes

The aim of this research project is to determine, through cross-cultural collaborative research focused on South Africa,  Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Cameroon, Tanzania and Uganda, the nature of Chinese activities and organization of a sample of major organisations in key sectors and their impact on employment and community relations, through interviews with policy-makers/executives in China, Africa and in UK (to compare perceptions and policy towards and relations with Chinese activity); surveys in the African countries, with managers, staff and community leaders, and in depth case studies in order to advise stakeholders of the cross-cultural appropriateness, as well as effectiveness, of policies and practices, to enable dialogue among stakeholders and thus contribute to knowledge and scholarly research, policy and practice.

Research outcomes are aimed at publishing in scholarly journals in UK/USA/Europe (e.g. Journal of Management Studies, Journal of World Business, Journal of African Affairs), as well as South African Journals, and disseminated in policy and practitioner oriented journals, conference papers and case studies disseminated online through respective institutional websites. A compendium of case studies could be generated. A special issue of International Journal of Cross Cultural Management (London: Sage) will be co-edited by Louw, Zhao and Jackson).

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