Arielle Liu

Arielle Liu

Supervisor: Professor Lynette Louw 


Arielle Liu, PH. D candidate & Research Associate at Rhodes University,specializing in research on Chinese organisation's development in South Africa. She has lived in South Africa for nearly 15 years and runs her own South African company. Her business operations include projects operation between South African and Chinese governments, Eastern Cape agricultural products import and export, localisation and development consultation for Chinese enterprises and organisations in South Africa. 

Her years of practice in South Africa and extensive knowledge on South African humanities and politics have given her an extremely profound understanding of the country. The rich experience of local business management in South Africa, consulting for local governments, as well as her social network with the local departments and associates make it all possible for her to have a deeper insight on the problems and situations that Chinese enterprises and organisations are facing in South Africa. Along with her intensive reading and research on Chinese cultures, business traditions and overseas investment cases, she is a person who is capable of producing quality studies in her field.

Her motto is: The highest eminence is to be gained by diligence – Lao-tzu, Chinese philosopher.

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