Fungai Chigwendere

Title of Research:  Perceptions on the effectiveness of intercultural communication in Chinese owned organisations in South Africa.

Supervisor: Professor Lynette Louw and Professor Terence Jackson

 Fungai is currently a PhD student at Rhodes University. She has wide ranging interests in Cross Cultural Management particularly in the move towards culturally appropriate and effective organisation and management Africa. She graduated with a Bachelors degree in Business Studies from the University of Zimbabwe and an M. Sc in Management Research (Cross Cultural Management) from Aston Business School.  She has experience working on international research projects dating back several years. This experience includes coordinating a fifteen country project on the Management of People and Change in Sub-Saharan Africa while at the Centre for Cross Cultural Management Research in Oxford. The research led to numerous publications. Fungai also has diverse commercial experience gained in the private sector in Zimbabwe, United Kingdom and South Africa.

Fungai’s research explores the communication process in three different organizational contexts, examining the effectiveness and appropriateness of intercultural communication. The research seeks to identify both the factors impacting on intercultural communication as well as areas of synergy. In so doing the aim is to contribute to theory and the development of frameworks for relevant training programmes.

Fungai can be reached at, or

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