Stanislous Zindiye

Title of Research: Relationship management in selected economic sectors: Applying stakeholder theory to Chinese organisations in Zimbabwe

Supervisor: Professor Lynette Louw

Stanislous Zindiye from Zimbabwe is currently working in the management department at Rhodes and pursuing PhD studies at the same institution. He obtained a Master of Commerce Degree in Business Management at the University of Fort Hare.  Stan has been working in the academic sector since 2007 in the positions of teaching assistant, junior lecturer and lecturer. Stan has lived in both Zimbabwe and South Africa and speaks Shona, English and isiXhosa

The study focuses on Chinese organisations operating in the mining and construction sectors in Zimbabwe as these sectors have a heavy Chinese presence. The nature of the relationships that exists will be explored on three levels; macro, meso and micro using selected stakeholder theories. The aim is to create an environment where mutual benefits accrue to both parties.

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