Katherine Burger

Katherine Burger


Title of Research: Cross-cultural management practices and employee perceptions - the case of a Chinese heavy-machinery importing organisation in Uganda 

Supervisor: Theus Louw


Katherine was born, 13th generation South African, to proud parents and the capital of Zululand, amidst a melting pot of cultures and green forests; Eshowe. She attended a humble farm-school during her primary years, St Anne’s Diocesan College for high school and then pursued her Bachelor of Commerce at Rhodes University. She majored in Organisational Psychology and Management and then went on to complete her Honours Degree in the latter. With culture and human relations being her passions and with being truly African embedded deep within her soul, completing a thesis on cross-cultural management made perfect sense.  She now lives at the foot of Table Mountain and works for Allan Gray where she is chasing a career centred on people development and leadership in the corporate setting.


E-mail: katherineeburger@gmail.com

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