Minenhle Mlotshwa

Minenhle Mlotshwa


Title of Research: Employee views on organisational effectiveness of two Chinese organisations operating in Kenya

Supervisor: Theus Louw and Professor Lynette Louw


Minenhle P Mlotshwa a Zulu girl from Kwa-Zulu Natal is a Rhodes University B.Comm (Management & Economics) and B.Comm Honors (Finance, strategy, marketing, human resource) graduate. Minenhle’s Bcom Honors paper titled “Employer and employee perceptions of management practices in the aviation industry- the case of a Chinese multinational corporation in Kenya” was published in the International Journal of Emerging Markets. This paper was also presented in the 10th China goes Global conference in Italy.

In 2016 Minenhle received the Investec top 100 award for exceptional leadership skills through various initiatives. Minenhle was also one of 5 students to represent Rhodes University for the Friendrich Ebert Stiftung Programme on social democracy, economic and political issues.


Email: mlotshwaminenhle@gmail.com


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