Theus Louw

Mattheus Louw is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Management at Rhodes University. His research interests include Human Resource Management in Chinese organisations in sub-Saharan Africa, Multicultural Management and Organisational Development. He has extensive international lecturing experience.

In the Department of Management, his  tasks are to lecture the following courses namely, Human Resource Management at second year and post graduate (PDEM) levels, and Management 101 at first year level.

Preliminary title of research:Changing patterns of HRM: The case of Chinese organisations in South Africa

Specific issues that will be covered in the research

  • Current HRM practices of multinationals in China
  • Current HRM practices in Chinese subsidiaries
  • Ethnocentric/polycentric/global HRM models
  • Trade Union and employee relationships

Theus Louw

Senior Lecturer, Department of Management, Rhodes University,

PO Box 94, Rhodes University

Grahamstown 6140, South Africa

Tel: (+27) 46 603 8687

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