Doctoral Degree (PHD)

360 credits at NQF level 10

Entrance requirements: A completed Masters degree in Music or equivalent.

Course description: a PhD may be awarded by the submission of:

  1. a thesis (90 000 words)
  2. a set of compositions consisting of at least three substantial original compositions (not less than 70 minutes in duration. The candidate must also submit an explanatory statement (not less than 25 000 words) referring to important aspects of the scores, including in particular a description of the form or forms employed and of any contrapuntal, harmonic and orchestration devices used. This document should detail the portfolio’s theme or contextualising thread. Recordings of Compositions are required.
  3. a special treatise may be offered as a thesis on a subject previously approved by the Senate.
  4. three performances (60 – 70 min duration) and a mini thesis (50 000 words)


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