Bachelor of Music Degree (BMUS)

The four-year BMus degree is intended for students who wish to pursue music as a profession. In order to be recognised as a teaching qualification it must be combined with the Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) offered by the Faculty of Education. Except as provided in Rules 14 and 15 of the General Rules, candidates shall not be admitted to the degree unless they have attended approved courses subsequent to their first registration as a matriculated student for at least four years. Students who wish to take more than the minimum number of BMus courses in any one year may do so, subject to the approval of the Dean of Humanities.



Instrumental Music Studies 1

Music Culture and History 1

Music Theory and Analysis 101 and 102

Sound Technology 1 OR one Bachelor of Arts or Science course


Instrumental Music Studies 2

Music Culture and History

Music Theory and Analysis 2

Sound Technology 1 or 2 OR one Bachelor of Arts or Science course


Instrumental Music Studies 3

Students choose two of the following courses: IMS 3,MCH 3 and MTA 3


Students must do FIVE papers or their equivalent in credit points (5). All choices are subject to the approval of the Head of Department.

Compulsory: At least one of the following:

Paper 1: Extended essay (2) or

Paper 2: Full Recital (2) or

Paper 3: Full Composition Portfolio (2)

Options: Remaining credit points are acquired from the following courses. If Paper 1 has not been chosen, the options must include Musicology 4, or Analysis 4, or Ethnomusicology 4. All options are not necessarily offered every year.

Paper 4: Analysis 4 (1)

Paper 5: Musicology 4 (1)

Paper 6: Ethnomusicology 4 (1)

Paper 7: Sound Technology (1)

Paper 8: Short composition portfolio (1)

Paper 9: Short public performance (1)

*Paper 10: Instrumental Music Studies 4 (1)

Paper 11: Conducting (1)

Paper 12: Chamber Music Recital (1)

Paper 13: Concerto Performance (1)

Paper 14: Music Education (1)

Paper 15: Arts Management (1)

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