The Neil Aggett Labour Studies Unit (NALSU) team congratulates David Fryer for major teaching award

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Congratulations David Fryer
Congratulations David Fryer

The NALSU team would like to congratulate Mr David Fryer, a NALSU stalwart, on giving the recent Vice-Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Award Lecture at Rhodes university, Makahnda, South Africa. David's lecture on the 20th September addressed "Teaching, Learning and Contextualising Economics in a Transforming Society: Unlocking Potential at the Undergraduate Level." Winner of the 2020 Vice-Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Award, he is well-known for his outstanding teaching and heterodox economics. Born in Zimbabwe, David served on the steering committee of the Political Economy of Restructuring South Africa (PERSA) research programme, has research linkages with the HSRC's BRICS Research Centre, and is involved in NALSU's Eastern Cape Worker Education Project.

NALSU is named in honour of Dr Neil Hudson Aggett, a union organiser and medical doctor who died in 1982 in an apartheid jail, following brutality and torture. Based in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, NALSU is engaged in policy, research and workers' education, and has a democratic, non-sectarian, non-aligned and pluralist practice, and active relations with a range organisations.

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