The NALSU Team

The Neil Aggett Labour Studies Unit (NALSU) is a hub of labour studies at Rhodes University. Although the unit is formally located in the Department of Sociology and Industrial Sociology, it's members come from the following three academic departments: Sociology & Industrial Sociology, History, and Economics and Economic History. This team has built a large and active inter-departmental labour studies seminar series, an Eastern Cape Worker Education Project, and a diverse body of labour studies research in partnership with national and international networks of researchers.

Members of the NALSU Team

NALSU postgraduate students

NALSU academics support postgraduate students in the broad area of labour studies in three academic departments. The following students commenced their studies supervised by NALSU members:

Prof Lucien van der Walt

Byrne, Sian, "Autonomy, Self-management and New Prefigurative Politics in the Rebel Unions of South Africa and Poland: Recovering FOSATU "workerism" and Solidarnosc samorzad" (PhD, Industrial and Economic Sociology, Rhodes, co-supervised with R. Chwedoruk, ongoing).

Hanise, Bongani, "Post-Apartheid Debates in the  South African Communist Party: The Controversy over Running in Elections" (MA thesis, Industrial and Economic Sociology, co-supervised with N. Ulrich, ongoing).

Kota, Ayanda, "Challenging Corruption from Below: The UPM and Civil Society in Makhanda"  (MA thesis, Industrial and Economic Sociology, Rhodes, co-supervised with P. Tabensky, ongoing)

Maisiri, Leroy, "Recovering Alternative Emancipatory Trajectories in South Africa: The Independent Left and the 1980s 'People's Power' Movement" (PhD, Industrial and Economic Sociology, ongoing).

Makola, Luka, "The Rise and Decline of Co-operative Development within the South African Trade Union Movement: A Historical Evaluation of Union-led Worker Co-operatives from the Mid-1980s into the 'Democratisation' Era" (MA, Industrial and Economic Sociology, Rhodes, ongoing).

Makwetu, Ncebekazi, "Vuyisile Mini: African Communist,  Union Leader and Guerilla Fighter, 1920-1964” (PhD, Industrial and Economic Sociology, Rhodes, co-supervised with N. Ulrich, ongoing).

Mathekga, Jerry Mmanoko, "Organising the Changing Municipal Workforce: A Case Study of the South African Municipal Workers' Union (SAMWU) in the Cape Town Metro, 2000-2015" (PhD, Industrial and Economic Sociology, Rhodes, co-supervised with N. Ulrich, ongoing).

Mortlock, Matthew, "Assessing the Impact of State Asset Restructuring in Post-Apartheid South Africa: Evaluating the Role of Telkom in Internet Infrastructure in South Africa since Privatisation" (MA, Industrial and Economic Sociology, Rhodes, under examination).

Moyo, Wisdom Ntando, "The 2019 SASBO Bank Workers' Strike in South Africa: Unpacking Labour Responses to the 'Fourth Industrial Revolution'" (MA, Industrial and Economic Sociology, Rhodes, ongoing)

Nyalungu, Phillip, "Reclaiming Economies: Waste-pickers' Lives and Work in Makhanda, Eastern Cape, South Africa" (MA, Industrial and Economic Sociology, Rhodes, co-supervised with N. Ulrich, ongoing)

Sibuyi, Nkosana, "The Effects of Competing Policy Imperatives in Post-Apartheid South Africa: An analysis of the effects of ESKOM restructuring on the South African Automotive Industry, 2005-2014" (PhD, Industrial and Economic Sociology, Rhodes, ongoing)

Theledi, Nkosinathi Louis, "Joe Slovo, 1926-1995: A Political Biography of a South African Marxist" (PhD, History, Rhodes, co-supervised with N. Ulrich, ongoing).

Prof Michael Rogan

Kara, Reesha, " Non-marital fertiltiy in South Africa: Trends, Determinants and Implications" (PhD, ISER, Rhodes, under examination)

Mhlana, Siviwe, " The Changing Nature of Work: Understanding Precarity and the Gendered Individualisation of Risk in Post-Apartheid South Africa" (Masters, ISER, Rhodes, ongoing)

Cuthbert, Carol, " Higher education and institutional factors influencing employability" (PhD, Rhodes Business School, co-supervised with O. Skae, ongoing)

Bob, Shaka " Decent Work and Informal Employment: The Case of Bulawayo Metropolitan Province, Zimbabwe" (Masters, ISER, Rhodes, co-supervised with L. Alfers, awarded Cum Laude)

Friderichs, Tamaryn " Human Capital in the Context of High Levels of Inequality in South Africa" (PhD, Economics and Economic History, Rhodes, co-supervised with G. Keeton, ongoing)

Dr John Reynolds

Ndamase, Lazola, "Democracy within the political and organisational approaches of the SACP and COSATU in alliance with Jacob Zuma from 2005-2017"  (MA thesis, Institute of Social and Economic Research, Rhodes University, ongoing) 

Dr Laura Alfers

Moyo, Phoebe. “National Gender Policy Implementation in Achieving Women’s Economic Empowerment through Small Scale Mining in Matabeleland Province, Zimbabwe.” Doctoral Thesis, Department of Sociology, Rhodes University.

Mr Kanyiso Ntikinca

Same, Nkosinaye (Honours) - Analysing the experiences of TVET College graduates in the Eastern Cape Labour Market

Moshime, Kabelo Moshime (Masters) - Analysing the impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on the organization of work in the financial sector in South Africa.

Mr David Fryer

Nzimande, Nqobile, 2020. Co-supervisor, Prof C Palmer. The political ecological economics of coal mining and water resources: focusing on a participatory economic valuation approach in Carolina, Mpumalanga. M.Com (Economics). Full thesis. Graduated with distinction.
Mahlaba, Asande. 2020. The primacy of illicit financial flows (IFFS) in developing countries: a comparative study analysis of South Africa and China. Half thesis, M.Com (Financial Markets). Graduated.
Scarr, Lowell(PhD). Understanding rural development policy and implementation in South Africa – A comparative study on three rural development initiatives (working title).  (Economics). Co-supervisor. Prof P. Tabensky.
Khembo, Patrick(Masters).  A case study of public debt, financial structure and economic performance: the BRICS in context. Full M.Com  (Economics) thesis (thesis examined, making corrections).
Owen, Michael. (Masters)  Stock market capitalisation: domestic and international determinants (working title). Half thesis, M.Com (Financial Markets). 
Mpuku, Mutale.(Masters) The political economy of falling wage share: South Africa in comparative perspective (working title) .  Half thesis, M.Com (Financial Markets).  First year of registration.

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