About Philosophy at Rhodes University

2021 Orientation Week Lectures on

What is Philosophy?(Francis Williamson, HoD Philosophy, 22 minutes)

Why and How to study Philosophy(Francis Williamson, continued, 20 minutes)

Introduction to zoBomi (Pedro Tabensky, Director AGCLE, 6 minutes)



The Rhodes University Philosophy Department prides itself on its eclectic range of teaching and research interests, ranging over a broad spectrum of philosophical traditions, from African, Ancient, Medieval and Chinese Philosophy to contemporary Analytic as well as Continental debates in Epistemology, Metaphysics, Political Philosophy, Feminism, Critical Race Theory, and more. 

We encourage independent thought and welcome critical engagement between students and lecturers at all levels. There is no party line. There are no pre-digested answers to the questions we pursue and the inquiries our courses make. The friendly and informal atmosphere of the Department aims at encouraging students to find their own voice via a deep and informed engagement with other voices from a variety of different times, places and perspectives. And this is why the Philosophy Department boasts an illustrious and highly acclaimed set of former and contemporary students and staff. We believe that this is a happy place to be, and a special discipline in which to anchor the pursuit of learning and wisdom.

Apart from the usual range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, the Philosophy Department is also associated with the Allan Gray Centre for Leadership Ethics. The Centre pursues an extraordinary vision of how to promote ethical and responsible leadership through a range of exciting and distinctive courses. Many of our students find great value in pursuing studies in both Philosophy and AGCLE at the same time.

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